The Walking Dead and how it can relate to writing – Part Three


I’ve finished watching the Walking Dead season four a while ago, and I found the character stayed with me for a long time afterwards. That got me to thinking. What was it about the Walking Dead that resonated within me? What was the theme?

Naturally, for most people I assume the fascination has to do with zombies and survival. These are common themes and story plots but are not what I am taking away from the story. I find the origin of the zombie apocalypse to be fascinating. It takes a prevailing fear society has for microscopic organisms that can infect and cause death and transferred this into a compelling story. I view the zombies as representations of these small, death-dealing organisms, now having been given flesh and providing our heroes with something they can see and fight while frightening them into choices, we as viewers are glad we don’t have to make.

So again what can I take away to use in my writing? In my research, I found it’s easy to confuse a theme with a story’s subject. The theme is what is inferred in the unfolding of the plot and should resonate with the reader. No matter what genre you’re writing in if your readers can’t relate in some way with your characters or story, they will probably close the cover and move on to another book. Another important point is the theme has to sound a chord within you the writer and transfer to print. If you find the themes of your book un-compelling, there’s a good chance so will the reader.

That’s it for now. If you agree, disagree or just have something to get off your chest, please leave a comment.