My name, if you haven’t already guessed, is Keith B. Martin and I have been from the east coast to the west coast and a fair part of the Far East. I’ve been a United States Marine, a police officer and I’m currently working as a system developer for Amtrak using dot Net with Microsoft C sharp language.

I’m an avid reader, comic book collector, anime enthusiast, artist, and computer programmer. I love all things that require an artistic flare. A blank page inspires me and calls me to fill the space with something creative.

I suppose many write for fame and glory or to make a million dollars, but if I could do this for free, I would. I want people to enjoy my stories and be entertained. If I can reach one reader who says he/she enjoyed my tale, then I’ll be satisfied.

So that’s Keith B. Martin in a nutshell. If you feel inclined, then leave me a comment.

I can be reached at:






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