Jack and Amy’s War

Jack Armistead is a typical, normal teenager, if you can call growing up in the midst of an interplanetary war normal. Earth is now under the united rule of the First Federation and Jack’s grandfather is the Federation’s Council of Sixes leader. Jack’s father is Lord Admiral of the First Federation Fleet and together they are the most powerful men on the planet.

Jack hasn’t had to work very hard for anything having grown up with a sense of entitlement, and finds his world comes crashing down when his father announces he must join the First Federation Navy or move out and get a job. Hurt and confused Jack joins the Navy, becoming a Navy SEALS operative, and fights valiantly. After a disastrous mission that leaves him shaken and seriously wounded Jack comes up with a plan he believes will end the war. Everyone thinks he’s crazy but with the two most powerful men to pull strings Jack finds himself on a mission to New Hope.

Jack is promptly shot down and presumed dead. He survives and meets Amy Elisabeth Proud, who is flighty, kooky and the oddest girl he has ever met. The two play house in a cabin Amy has that is isolated and against Jack’s better judgment he begins to fall in love with the nutty Amy. However Amy isn’t just nutty, she’s a genius and quickly figures out Jack’s secret. As the two become closer Amy agrees to help Jack.

Amy, using a device she invented that can bend the laws of time and space, constructs a prototype that allows the two to travel back in time and across space. Unable to alter time they witness their grandfathers and the events leading up to the war. What they learn are family secrets, buried skeletons and a plot that will not only test the strength of their budding romance but reveal the seeds of destruction that could annihilate all life on earth.


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