So you’ve published a Book and next you’ll be rich:


As my book gets closer to completion, and I tentatively let a few coworkers, and friends know I get the question – Will you remember me when you’re rich? It’s times like these; I can’t help but think of Herman Melville.

Don’t know who Herman Melville is?

He was born August 1, 1819, in Manhattan, New York City, NY. He became a successful American novelist and published his book the Whale October 18th in Britain. Four months later, he published Moby Dick in the United States. The book was not well received and Herman, who, until now, was a successful author, experiences a decline in readership for his next two books. His estimated earnings for Moby Dick were reported to be a little over 1,200.00 dollars.

Not what I’d call a fortune.

Of course, I’m not comparing myself to Herman Melville, nor am I equating my book to Moby-Dick, but I am acknowledging the fact that the heavens will not open up and shower me with untold riches. It almost begs the question. Why do we write?

Of course any person who has a story burning inside of them that just itching to get out knows the answer to that question,

That’s it for now. If you agree, disagree or just have something to get off your chest, please leave a comment.



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